No Thanks Costa

No Thanks Costa Coffee we are doing great without you . Please sign this petition to Support Cromer’s Independent Coffee Shops and Tea Rooms .

Cromer’s independent offering brings customers friendly bespoke customer service, a unique product offering, local knowledge and locally sourced products, money circulates and stays within the town. A homogenised service and product offering such as Costa’s cannot deliver this and profits would be stripped from the town. We fail to see what Costa can bring that Cromer doesn’t already offer. People visit Cromer on Holiday and don’t want the same as they get in their normal day to day life .

Whilst this is a petition that might appear to say no to Costa it’s actually very much a big ‘YES’ to the wonderful array of existing independent tea / coffee /eatery businesses in Cromer.

We’re hoping our local community will get behind this petition and say yes to supporting the existing businesses in the town by saying thanks but no thanks to Costa.

Many people say ‘Cromer isn’t like other high streets’ and that’s the magical charm that Cromer can offer over and above other high street towns, that’s the reason so many people keep coming back.

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